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Meibography is the only clinically non-invasive technique to visualise the morphology of the meibomian glands.

What is Meibography?

It is a useful and patient-friendly method to obtain information on the structure of the meibomian glands because it only takes a minute to perform, and it can be done during a routine eye exam.  At the Expert Eye Clinic, we offer the latest technology in meibography using the LacyDiag Ocular surface analyser.

Normal View

Meibography view

Our Process

We perform meibography on any patient who has one or more of the typical dry eye symptoms and any patient with a known history of dry eye who has not had an image taken within the last six months. A series of evaluations will be performed to determine the likely cause of your dry eye. Determining the cause of your dry eye will help your doctor decide on the best treatment option. This is the only clinic technique that can provide information on the state of your meibomian glands. By using infrared technology, the structure of the glands can be looked at accurately with no interference from the surrounding anatomy. We have around 20-30 glands on the lower eyelids and 30-40 on the upper eyelids. The imaging allows us to see whether the glands are structurally normal, dilated, shortened or atrophied from chronic obstruction. These symptoms, if left untreated, can develop beyond Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and result in permanent damage to the eyes.

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