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Meibomian Cyst (chalazion)

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What is Meibomian Cyst?

A Meibomian cyst or Chalazion is a blocked meibomian gland in the eyelid. Behind the eyelashes is a row of oil glands, which open onto the back edge of the lid margin.

If the oil becomes thickened it can block the opening of the gland, leading to a build-up of oil in a cyst. This often causes a lot of inflammation in the surrounding tissues, resulting in swelling, tenderness and sometimes infection. Meibomian cysts may come and go over a few days or may persist for weeks or months.

Who gets a Meibomian Cyst?

A Meibomian cyst can occur in anyone, at any age. Some people can be prone to recurrent or multiple cysts, particularly if they have chronic blepharitis, causing thickening of the oil in the glands and inflammation of the eyelid margins. When a child has a tendency to recurrent cysts, they usually become less frequent as they get older.

Meibomian cyst / Chalazion FAQs

As well as a tender, inflamed lump in the eyelid, a meibomian cyst/chalazion can cause irritation of the eye and sometimes blurring of vision, due to pressure in and around the eye.

You may also find a small pus-filled spot at the centre of the bump.

The area will be numbed prior to any treatment taking place. Usually, a small incision is made to remove on the inner or the outer eyelid depending on the size of the chalazion. Then the contents of the Chalazion is then removed, once this is completed, the incision site will be closed by using dissolvable stitches.

The minor surgery will take approximately 30mins – 45 min to complete.

Possible side effects:

You may be given a patch/pad to wear so that the area is protected. Some people will have swelling or bruising around the eye that has been treated. You may also find that you leak reddish-brown fluid from the incision site, all of these side effects are normal after the treatment. The average time for the incision to heal is 7-10 days.

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